Your one stop solution.

On-Site Home & Business

Fresh Melon specializes in on-site support for your business or home solutions. Experienced technicians are available to commute to your location to resolve emergency problems or help you plan new IT solutions. We offer pick up and delivery services for repair.

Buy New Computers

Ready for the computer of your dreams? Fresh Melon offers the best computers at the most affordable prices. Whether for business or pleasure, our skilled technicians will find a computer to meet all your needs.


Does your organization access, share, and store information? Our skilled technicians will implement and maintain local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), the corporate intranet and Internet connections, and the virtual private network (VPN).

Remote Support

Fresh Melon employs IT software that allow for connections to remote computers via the Internet. This means we can work on your IT related issue without you bringing your computer to our office – all you need is an internet connection.

Virus Removal

Loosing important documents may result in serious consequences. We understand your frustration. Fresh Melon can help!  Let us backup your vital documents or recover and restore your data. We can transfer data to hard drives, servers, flash drives, DVD’s and more.

Memory & Hard Drive Upgrades

Is your computer slow? Too many files and programs drain the performance of your computer. Memory upgrades and SSD hard drives are a cost efficient way of upgrading your computer’s speed. Let Fresh Melon perform the installation for you to help your computer run more efficiently.

Back-up & Recovery

Fresh Melon offers tools and strategies to back-up your sensitive information. Organizations may face the realities of poor connections and freak accidents. Our team will work with you to outline a safe and responsible approach to back-up your data for seamless recovery.

Computer Setup

Setting up a new computer can be a daunting task. Our team can install and employ the necessary software to get your PC up and running. In addition, we can upgrade Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems. New systems increase efficiency and enhance security.

Why Our Services

One of the leading IT service providers in Southern California.

Unparalleled Support
Unparalleled Support
Unparalleled Support
Our experienced technicians work around the clock, 7 days a week. Fresh Melon offers pick ups and deliveries as well.
Reliable & Fast Servers
Reliable & Fast Servers
Reliable & Fast Servers
Fresh Melon will send a technician to your business and set-up as well as maintain your servers in a timely manner.
One Stop Solution
One Stop Solution
One Stop Solution
Whether you need to upgrade your hardware, repair your computer, or maintain your servers, Fresh Melon offers business solutions to all your needs.